Brighten Our World Pink


Mood-lites launches “Brighten Our World Bright Pink” campaign to Raise Money and Awareness for Breast and Ovarian Health Chicago, IL (August 31, 2015) Chicago-based company The Mood Factory, with brandContinue Reading

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Improve Your Mood With Color


There’s no denying that color plays a role in mood: it can be no coincidence that some days we’re “feeling blue” while on others we’re “green with jealousy” or “redContinue Reading

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How to Calm Yourself Down


Feeling heated? There are all sorts of ways to cultivate serenity on a daily basis. But when you’re feeling angry, stressed, or frustrated, whether because of a missed train orContinue Reading

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Your New Facebook Like = $1 Donation by Mood Factory to American Heart Association


Did you know heart disease is the number one killer in men and women in the United States? The good news is this can change! According to the National InstituteContinue Reading

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Colors and Moods


Colors and Moods “Research shows that you can change your mood by the colors you surround yourself with,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and authorContinue Reading

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Introducing Mood-lites


Our first line of products are light bulbs are based on the sense of sight, specifically in regards to how colors affect how we feel. We initially launched an incandescentContinue Reading

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