Brighten Our World Pink


Mood-lites launches “Brighten Our World Bright Pink” campaign to Raise Money and Awareness for Breast and Ovarian Health Chicago, IL (August 31, 2015) Chicago-based company The Mood Factory, with brandContinue Reading

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Best Habits for Heart Health

Best Habits for Heart Health Blog

A lot of the heart-focused attention during February surrounds your love life. And your relationships—with friends, family, and significant others—are important. But so is your actual heart, which is whyContinue Reading

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5 Ways to Give in December


Breathe in, and feel the relief of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy being behind us. A deal is a lovely thing, but the bargains of the seasonContinue Reading

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4 Important Ways to Protect Your Breasts Year-Round


We’re nearing the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a thirty-one day period where pink predominates on screens, stores, and sports. In October, it’s hard not to think about yourContinue Reading

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