Engaging Our Senses


So often we are detached from our surroundings, walking around in our busy lives getting one task done after another, without much thought. And we wonder why we are all so burnt out? Our goal is to engage consumers back into their life, by challenging them to engage all of their five senses so they can recapture the spirit of life.

Our initial product line, Mood-lites™, does that through the sense of sight with color. Our second generation product line, Mood-butters™, Mood-scents™, Mood-candles™, Mood-oils™, Mood-essences™, and more, engage the sense of smell and and also touch. We also are starting to explore music and sound, and have Mood-tunes lists now so you can start adding another sensory experience. Our Mood-oasis™ brings together sight, sound, and scent, to allow you to easily and effortlessly create your own personal little utopia.

We often move through life way too fast, and our goal at The Mood Factory is to learn how to stop and smell the roses. When is the last time you fully and completely smell the flowers and felt throughout your entire being how that sensation made you feel? Do you intentionally pick the colors you wear, and the items that surround you, every single day? We encourage you to set your intentions for the space you want to create, and then add items in that space that bring beauty to being.