Did you know that everything that surrounds you impacts your moods?  Everything you hear, taste, touch, smell, and see?  How is your environment impacting you on a daily basis?

Our goal at The Mood Factory is to take the guesswork out for you.  We have chosen the eight  popular, positive and desired mood states, and starting creating product lines based on available research on how various sensory experiences impact us.  The eight moods include Tranquility, Serenity, Passion, Renewal, Creativity, Energy, Happiness, and Sassy.

Our first product lines are based on the sense of sight and how colors affect our emotional state.  We plan to learn and teach about engaging the other senses as well.  Research suggests that the more senses we engage towards a desired state, the more intense the experience.

We encourage you all to Get Your Mood On, and share your experience of sensory engagement.  Find us on social networks like twitter and facebook at @getyourmoodon, and use hasthags #tranquility #serenity #renewal #passion #energy #happiness #creativity and #sassy so we can share tips and strategies for #improvingmoods and #coloringlives.  We would love to hear what works for you!