Famous Moods

We believe in giving back. Our philosophy centers around the world are working to make each home a better place, and generosity is what makes it happen. As The Mood Factory continues to support a number of charities and initiatives world wide, we want you along for the ride – what’s your favorite thing about Mood-lites! 

 Thank you to all your support from our ‘Famous Moods’.

Ryan Cabrera

American pop rock singer

“Creativity is great. Especially for my new show ‘Score’ – contestants will have to think fast and creatively. Purple. I like it.”

Jesse McCartney


“These are very cool. Where can I get them? Sweet! I like the Energy. And these can go in any standard lamp? Wow, very cool!”

Hayden Panetierre

American actress & model

“Wow! I love these! I love them all!! My favorite? Serenity is my favorite color. Passion is another one. I am a very passionate person!”

Jessica Alba & Kristen Bell

American actresses

“Cool! Definitely Passion.” – Jessica Alba, “I like the Happy Mood-lite. Yellow.” – Kristen Bell

Mischa Barton

British film & stage actress

“Purple. Can I have extra purple? Creativity – I LOVE it!”


Singer in the Black Eyed Peas

“Get Ur Mood On – cool! I love these. I like the blues best. Oooooooh, Serenity is my favorite!”

Hulk Hogan

Semi-retired professional wrestler & actor

“I’ll take a six pack of Serenity.”

Emma Roberts

American actress, model & singer

“I can’t decide. Happy and Serenity.”

Shannon Elizabeth

American actress & former fashion model

“I use Feng Shui in my home, and the red stimulates me in my work room. I like both the Passion and Creativity.”

Nick Cannon

American actor, host & comedian

“Ger Ur Mood On, that’s HOT! I like the Passion – the Passion and the Creativity. Cool”



“I love the Passion and Creativity Mood-lites. Those are my colors!”

Hilary Duff

Actress & singer-songwriter

“I love them (Mood-lites). Serenity is my favorite Mood-lite”.