The Mood Factory Shines Light and Shares Hope for Depression Through Cause Marketing

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — On April 7th, 2017 the World Health Organization launches a year long campaign on a global health issue for Global Health Day, and this year thatContinue Reading

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Improve Your Mood : Take Time to Laugh

Improve Your Mood : Take Time to Laugh Blog

Just in time for April Fools’ Day, and the International Day of Laughter, coming up on April 14th, we’re devoting ourselves to laughter. What makes people chuckle, giggle, or guffaw?Continue Reading

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How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy Blog

We’re on the brink of International Happiness Day, a day founded by the United Nations in recognition of the importance of promoting happiness. How can you be happier in yourContinue Reading

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Keep Your Vacation Glow – Even After You’re Back

Keep Your Vacation Glow - Even After You're Back Blog

Are you taking a vacation this wintertime? According to psychologist and researcher Jessica de Bloom, the glow from vacations fades fast. New York‘s science blog reports that her research hasContinue Reading

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10 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around


Have you ever had a day go awry? Even with the most successful morning routine, bad days happen. You miss your train. A due date gets moved up. Your spouseContinue Reading

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The Importance of a Good Morning Routine


What’s a typical morning like for you? During the workweek, mornings often become a frantic race to locate lost keys, pack bags, and cram a nutritious breakfast into yourself andContinue Reading

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