Mood Lighting Design Ideas

mood_lites_interior_decor_blank_blogYou can use Mood-lites many ways, but here are a few suggestions for getting in the mood:

Complement current lighting
• A Passion lamp in a corner of the bedroom,
• An accent lamp with Serenity in your bathroom,
• An overhead Energy light in the workout room.

Stand-alone lighting
• A Happy in the entry way.
• A few Creativity bulbs in your favorite meditating room.
• Some Tranquility in the baby’s room.

Mood-lites are most effective when used in lamps with shades that permit the bulb’s color and ambiance to shine through. White or translucent shades are idea

l! Mood-lites can be inserted directly into fixtures, wall mounts, and any other bulb socket that uses the base standard for each particular bulb.

For ideas for of how to use them in different rooms and locations, visit our flickr showroom for some ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and use your own creative intuition. Consider colored lighting an entirely new inspirational art palette for your soul.

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