Celebrate Dad: Mood-Improving Ideas for Father’s Day

Celebrate_Dad_blog_blankAs Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to think about ways to acknowledge, thank, and celebrate dad. Of course, there’s no need to restrict this to one day of the year—because dads are on duty year-round. Here are some ways to show Dad you care this Father’s Day, or anytime.

Take him out to a game: It’s a cliché that dads love sports, but if it’s one that happens to ring true for your father, why not give him what he wants: some time together, as well as some good sporting fun. You can go to a game on Father’s Day, or buy tickets for something far in the future, so you’ll have plenty of time to anticipate.

Buy him some treats: From clothing to technology to booze, there are plenty of treats — at plenty of price points — available to get your dad. Whether it’s a shirt, an aged Scotch, or an Apple Watch, try to buy him something he wouldn’t get himself. And don’t forget: you can pamper Dad too. Try a Mood-deodorant, so he smells fresh (without any harsh chemicals). Deodorants are available in all kinds of mood-boosting scents, such as Renewal, Energy, and Tranquility.

Get him a good read: When in doubt, a book is a great option for a present. Better still if you’ve read it yourself, so you can discuss. From coffee tables to quick page-turners, there are plenty of options of reads available, and one is sure to appeal to your dad’s interests.

Tell him how you feel: What does Dad want most? It might be knowing that you care. A thoughtful card, or a photo of the two of you together can be the best gift of them all. It’s simple, but meaningful.

Share a meal: Make it a Sunday brunch, or a fabulous dinner. Cook yourself, or go to an amazing restaurant. As with telling dad how you feel, or going to a sporting event together, the goal with this celebration idea is to spend time together, and show how you value your relationship.

Turn on the lights: Want a simple way to brighten up Dad’s day? Mood-lites — one of the Mood Factory’s first products — are shaded light bulbs, designed to use the power of color to transform moods. Available in Energy, Happiness, and other mood-inspiring varieties, a gift of these bulbs is a sure way to improve Dad’s mood.

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