Improve Your Mood With Color

improve_your_mood_color_blog_blankThere’s no denying that color plays a role in mood: it can be no coincidence that some days we’re “feeling blue” while on others we’re “green with jealousy” or “red with rage.” But if we describe our moods and emotions through a framework of color, it’s just as true that color can play a role in forming (and improving) our mood.

It’s important to remember that while color plays a role in emotions, ” your feelings about color are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experience or culture,” comments Kendra Cherry, writing for One culture’s wedding white is another culture’s funereal white. Learn more about color therapy, and the impact of color upon your mood.

If you’re looking to change your mood and perspective, the answer could be as simple as new paint, or a pop of color from a new vase. Get some quick, easy, and budget-friendly ideas for how to introduce fresh new colors into your home, and transform your mood at the same time.

An accent wall: It’s a trendy choice for good reason. An accent wall is relatively easy to implement: it almost definitely requires only one can of paint, means less clean-up, and allows experimentation with bright, bold color choices. Choose blue for tranquility and peace, or try yellow to heighten the energy of the room.

Decorative pillows and slipcovers: Sick of your living room’s look? Try putting new covers on your pillow – or even putting a slipcover on your couch – for an entirely fresh look. Cheaper than buying new, this allows you to completely change the look of room with ease.

Lighting: Want to add a splash of color, or change the mood of the room? Try Mood-lites: they can screw into any fixture, and come in shades targeting various emotions, from happiness to creativity and everything in between.

Go seasonal with curtains: If you live in a four-season environment, you likely want to swap out your curtains a couple of times a year. Winter’s thick draft-blocking velvet or deep dark colors might not feel right in the summer time, when airy curtains, blowing in the breeze from an open window, are so fresh and lovely.

Switch out lampshades: As with curtains and pillow covers, a new lampshade can be an easy way to put a pop of color in your living space.

Go up & down: provides a valuable reminder about using ceilings and floors for color opportunities as well. They advise you to “search high and low for decorating opportunities”—from a rug to a painted ceiling, to fun light fixtures the sky (and the ground) are the limit.

What do you think? We want to know your tips for decorating with color—from technique to favorite mood-enhancing colors, share your tips on social media.

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