Increase Your Feeling of Renewal With Nature

renewal_grass_woman_blog_blankPut down the phone. Turn off the TV. It’s time to get outdoors and soak up nature, because spring is here – even if the temperatures aren’t quite showing it yet. What better time to reconnect with nature? There is nothing like the feeling of renewal and peace that comes when you break out of your day-to-day busyness and appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Here are five simple ways to reconnect with nature.

Take a Walk

Head to your nearest big park and take a walk. You may still be close to concrete, but being surrounded by trees can be refreshing. If you have the time, go further afield and take a hike. You can look for nearby national or state park to visit close to where you live, or venture further afield.


Start a garden, or look for a nearby community garden where you can volunteer. You don’t need a sprawling space to get satisfaction: try container gardening on your front steps if you have them, or growing herbs on your kitchen countertop or windowsill. The size doesn’t matter, so much as getting your fingers in the earth, and getting to watch plants sprout and develop. What could say renewal more than flowers in bloom?

Look Up, Down, and Around

Spend time observing nature around you. Instead of looking down at your phone’s screen, look at what’s below your feet. Look up at the sky, and spend time watching the clouds move, or the waxing and waning of the moon as weeks go by. Go swimming in a nearby lake, or head to the ocean for a walk on the sand. Try to feel the elements around you: the salt from the ocean air, the feeling of sand on your feet, or the cool water of a lake on your skin.

Go Camping

Spend a weekend or more camping: you’ll have no cell service or shower, and might not even have running water. You’ll feel rocks below you when you sleep, as though you’re the princess and the pea, but you’ll also have a chance to see the sky absent of streetlights, and to fall asleep absent the sounds of traffic.

Explore a Different Landscape

If you live inland, visit a beach. If you’re somewhere flat, drive to the mountains. Explore a part of the world that looks a bit different from your typical landscape. It’ll open up your mind and be a break from what you ordinarily see.

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