Spring Clean Your Life

Beautiful Young Woman SmilingIn these early days of March, it’s hard not to look forward to springtime. That’s especially true if you’re living in a part of the world where the weather is cooperating: in some spots at least, warmer temperatures are melting snow, exposing sidewalks and roads previously covered for months by snowbanks. And let’s not forgot the cheer that comes as a result of the extra hour of sunlight due to Daylight Saving Time.

Are you feeling the spirit of renewal this month? Here’s how to make that feeling flourish.

Spring Clean Your Home

Is the bright sunlight streaming in revealing some dusty corners? Are you not certain just how old that mascara is, or can’t remember the last time you dusted? Spend some time doing a deep clean of your home, ridding it of dust and grime.

Declutter your home as you clean: Do you really need to save those old magazines? If you haven’t worn that outfit in five years, is it time to donate it? Rid your home of items that aren’t adding to your comfort.

But as well as letting out the old, springtime is also the perfect opportunity to let in the new. So don’t just remove. Try buying fresh flowers for a pretty perk-up for your home. And consider fostering the spirit of renewal with our line of renewal-themed products, including green-colored light bulbs and fresh-smelling candles.

Engage With Your Health

If the winter’s been a sluggish time, reengage with exercise. Turn to salads and freshly made meals in favor of convenience foods, snacks, and take-out. Consider making your doctor’s appointments now, and checking that you are in good health. Make March the month when you focus on self-care, and get your body and spirit in top shape.

Reassess Goals

If you had resolutions or goals for the New Year, springtime is a perfect opportunity for a check-in. Now that a few months have gone by, you may find that the goals no longer fit right with your life. Set new goals, and adjust existing ones. This is also a prime opportunity to consider your career: is it time for a change in work?

Take Time for Your Creativity

If some of the winter months became an opportunity to play catch-up on TV, and really get your money’s worth out of your Netflix or Hulu subscription, that’s understandable. Now is a great time, though, to turn off the tube and spend time on quiet creative tasks: devote an hour to writing, bake an elaborate desert, go to a museum, or just get outside for a walk or time in your garden.

How are you reveling in the spring? Tell us your favorite #moodrenewing tips and tricks!


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