10 Small Things You Can Do to Show Your Love

Red heart of red wool yarn on a wooden backgroundThink being in love is all about big presents and splashy events? Think again: many small ways of showing your love can have the biggest impact. After all, it’s the small moments – someone making your coffee or taking out the trash – that make up our day-to-day lives. Get ideas for quick, easy, budget-friendly ways you can show your love to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, or any day.


  1. Do something without expecting thanks. It’s great to take out the garbage; even better to do it without expecting acknowledgement. Do the small things required to run the household, from helping the kids with homework, to making the early-morning run for milk, and do it without expecting or requesting a thank-you.
  2. Give an unexpected kiss, or more. Does romance feel scheduled? Are kisses given only when walking in or out of the door, or just before sex? Bring kissing back: give your significant other a smooch because of a cute shirt, a funny joke, or just to remind yourself – and your significant other – of your love.
  3. Make a routine night romantic. Light candles. Buy a decadent desert. Ditch the weekday budget wine, and splurge on a nice bottle. Have an at-home date night together, complete with gazing into each other’s eyes and deep conversation. (Tip: Light one of our passion Mood-candles or put in a passion Mood-lite for some extra sizzle in your night.)
  4. Be there in sickness, too. There’s a reason wedding vows mention “in sickness and in health” – when people are sick, it’s a vulnerable time. Pick up cold medicine, make a cup of tea, and offer your support, even if the snotty tissues are unappealing.
  5. Write a love note. No need to spout romantic poetry or do something formal. You can even skip buying a card. Something as simply as a piece of paper slipped into a wallet with the words “I love you” can be deeply meaningful. Or try a sticky note at the bottom of your significant other’s lunch container.
  6. Bring home flowers, chocolate, or the treat of your choice. Do it for no reason at all, or because it’s gray and cold out. Treat your significant other to something small that lets them know you were thinking of them.
  7. Give a great compliment. Go beyond, “you look pretty.” Notice a haircut, or a new outfit, and let your praise out. Give thoughtful compliments.
  8. Share your interests. Love a movie? Read an amazing book? Recommend it to your significant other. Talk about it together. (And also, let them do the same for you: open up to new possibilities on TV and movies.)
  9. Grab a hand. Hold hand for no real reason, cuddle up on the couch, or give a good long hug. Being physically close, even in PG ways, opens you both up to intimacy and love.
  10. Have a good memory. Does you husband hate cilantro? Does your girlfriend adore candy corn? It doesn’t have to be about food: remember the little things that make your significant other happy. It’ll mean a lot when the guacamole is cilantro-free or when you scoop up a bag of candy corn for your sweetheart.

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