Keep Your Vacation Glow – Even After You’re Back

Young Man Relaxing On Mat At BeachAre you taking a vacation this wintertime? According to psychologist and researcher Jessica de Bloom, the glow from vacations fades fast. New York‘s science blog reports that her research has found that “Within a week of returning to work, the salubrious effects have faded entirely.”

So if you’re going on vacation, plan ahead with these tips to keep your vacation bliss going as long as you can, even when you’re back in the land of blizzards, laundry, and office to-dos.

1. Plan Ahead: Schedule Vacations Wisely

Nothing kills the vacation glow like not having clean clothes to wear to work, coming home to no food, or a pile of emails that need to be tackled just hours after your flight gets back. Consider returning from vacation a day or two before you need to head back into the office.

Plus: schedule your vacation well in advance. While the afterglow from a vacation may fade away speedily, the anticipation for vacation may be even more meaningful than the actual vacation. Give yourself plenty of time to be excited for vacation.

2. Put Something Fun on the Calendar

Do it immediately! Schedule a dinner date with friends, a weekend away, or buy tickets to a concert soon after you return. Give yourself the gift of anticipation, and a reminder that while the Caribbean is lovely in the winter, it’s also lovely to be where you are now, surrounded by friends and families.

3. Follow Up on Vacation Plans and Dreams

Vacations give you space to escape your typical routines. The change in vantage point can spark new ideas, dreams, and desires. While you’re on vacation, keep a running list of brainstorms and realizations, so that you can follow up on them when you return home.

That way, if you feel inspired to search for a new job, rekindle a friendship, or start a book club, you won’t forget as time passes back at home.

4. Tell Friends

Before vacation, tell all your friends about your trip. Not only will they potentially give you helpful advice, but talking about your plans will build up your excitement.

When you’re back, share your experience. Invite over friends and share photos and stories from your vacation. You may have lots of photos trapped on your phone; consider printing them out and creating a scrapbook. Or, create a slideshow online. You’ll enjoy your time reviewing the photos.

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