Restore Yourself With These Foods & Activities

restore_yourself_blog_blankHow can you feel renewed and refreshed? These easy treats and activities are handy if you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or have a case of the blahs. Make these small habits part of your daily routine, or save them for when you need something special to nudge you toward feeling rejuvenated.

1. Eat Some Chocolate: Let’s start this list off deliciously: not only is chocolate delightful, but it’s also a mood enhancer. Call it a dark chocolate cure—a study published in Journal of Proteome Research found that eating a small amount of dark chocolate reduced stress. So the next time your stress levels spike, consider the calories totally worth it.

2. Go for a Walk, Jog, or Swim: Or, take a dance break. Get some aerobics in your life, since studyafterstudy concludes that there is a deep link between exercise and mood.

And it doesn’t take much of a workout to up your mood; as Michael Otto, PhD, a professor of psychology at Boston University, comments, “Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.” Some studies report that the effect can last up twelve hours—so work out on low energy days in particular, as well as having it be part of your regular routine.

3. Try an Essential Oil: There’s much evidence that scent and mood are deeply intertwined. At the Mood Factory, our Renewal Essential Oil has the fresh, energizing scents of bergamot, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. If you’re in need of renewal, try this essential oil in your home, car, or office. All you need is a diffuser to get the renewing scent in the air.

4. Have a Spa Day—or Moment: If you don’t have a whole day, try one quick pampering activity. There’s a reason so many spas have the word “rejuvenate” in their name; from a manicure to a massage, taking some time to devote to making yourself feel beautiful and relaxed can have an extraordinary impact. No time for an appointment? Fill your bath with bubbles, light a candle, and take thirty minutes away from it all.

5. Breathe: Take five minutes—or even just one­ minute—to focus on your breathing. Bonus: unlike working out, this easy relaxation technique won’t require you to move or even change clothes. Breathing exercises such as roll breathing or morning breathing, can reduce stress and leave you feeling refreshed.


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