10 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

bad_day_blog_blankHave you ever had a day go awry? Even with the most successful morning routine, bad days happen. You miss your train. A due date gets moved up. Your spouse starts a spat. Maybe you’re just in a bad mood, without any specific cause.

When this happens, it can feel like your only option is to accept that the day isn’t working out and look forward to starting fresh the next morning. But more often, it’s possible to reset your day and get your positive, productive vibe back. Try these ten techniques to turn your day around—many of them require mere minutes!

1. Go Outside

Leave your office or home, and head outdoors. Take a walk around the block, absorbing the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. If it’s not a nice day, so much the better since returning to your office will feel rewarding after being out in the cold. The combination of stretching your legs and getting fresh air will leave your energized.

2. Restart Your Day

If you’ve got the time and flexibility, restart your day completely: set your alarm and take a short nap, followed by coffee and a shower. You can literally wake up on a different side of the bed. Something about this redo of your morning routine—and particularly the rejuvenating shower—can make your day feel full of possibilities.

If you don’t have the time (or a bed and shower handy) to enact your morning routine, try making it a mental game: find a quiet place, and imagine yourself starting your day again, with everything going smoothly.

3. Light a Candle; Shine a Light

Don’t underestimate the power of light to transform a mood, and instill positivity. If you can, light a scented candle – our Mood-candles are organic and scented with oils that can help surface feelings of serenity, renewal, or tranquility. Or, use a Mood-lite, one of our lightbulbs designed around how color can affect moods.

4. Phone a Friend

Sometimes just hearing a good friend’s voice is enough to bring a smile to your face. A quick chat with a friend – and maybe even a bit of venting – can help improve your mood and make a bad day better.

4. Try a Change of Location

Burnt out on your office? Sick of the view from your desk at home? If it’s an option, relocate. Go to that sunny café that always looks so tempting when you walk by. Duck into a conference room in the office, and use the big table as your workspace. Leave your bad day behind as you move to new surroundings

5. Burn Some Energy

Regular gym-goers know that a good workout improves energy levels and moods. Get some of those good endorphins flowing. If you can’t spare the time to schedule a full workout, do some yoga stretches at your desk.

6. Consult or Create Your Gratitude List

It’s easiest to forget the positive things in your life when you’re feeling down. If you keep a gratitude list, take a moment to read it through. If you don’t, start one: just write down a few things that are good about your life. It could be as simple as freshly brewed coffee in the morning, or as profound as a relationship with a friend.

7. Listen to Music

Pump up the volume: if you have a happy song, play it. Take a dance break if you’ve got the space and privacy. Or put in headphones and bounce to the beat at your desk chair discreetly.

8. Give Yourself a Treat

Try a piece of chocolate—there may be a reason you crave it. Having a bit of dark chocolate gets positive endorphins going. Not a fan of chocolate? Consider giving yourself another small treat, and trying to imagine beforehand how much better you’ll feel after a trip to Starbucks or a quick peek at your Instagram feed.

10. Photos and Pictures

We live in a connected age. Most likely you have a picture of your pet, children, or loved ones on your phone. Fire that up, and center yourself around the things that matter. Or, click on that latest list of “Animals So Adorable They’ll Make You Go Awww” that keeps being shared on social media for a quick hit of cuteness.

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