Holiday Decorating Tips

holiday_decor_blank_blog‘Tis the season…to break out the decorations from attics and backs of closets. How do you decorate for the holidays? With these simple decoration tips, you can engage all your senses, and easily foster the holiday spirit in your home. From traditional items you put out year after year, to new traditions, enjoy these five ideas for ways to get festive this holiday season.

Let the Lights Shine

It can be no coincidence that the three major holidays during December – Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukah – all feature lights as part of the celebration. During the dark and cold days of wintertime, it is lovely to have an excuse to light candles or plug in Christmas tree lights. Use lights around windows, in your front garden, and on your mantle and tables to create a warm and festive atmosphere both inside and outside your home.

Try Something Homemade

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of crafting this holiday season. There are many simple ways to add a touch of the handmade to your décor. Whether it’s hanging up your Christmas cards in a pretty way, making a wreath, creating ornaments, or crafting together with your kids, a personalized decoration is sure to become a memory in future years.

Let Seasonal Smells Fill the Air

The winter holidays come with such evocative scents, from fresh pine to baking cookies. Consider if the smell in your home is warm and comforting. Don’t forget Mood’s scents and candles if you’re looking for an easy way to make your home smell lovely – and help foster positive emotions.

Bring in the Green

Hang strands of greenery and lights in your front yard, create an evergreen centerpiece, get paperwhites bulbs and watch them grow, or simply put a flourishing pointsetta on the front porch. On dismal, cold days, these touches of plant life will cheer and delight.

Go Simple

Think decorations have to be fancy? Think again. Something as simple as a bright bowl of clementines, or a sprig of holly in a jar, can set the scene for the holidays. Even using a holiday tea towel, taking out old photos of small children with Santa, or laying out holiday cards on the mantle can spread holiday joy.

How will you be decorating this season? Tell us your favorite holiday décor tips and traditions.


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