Set the Scene for Halloween

halloween_blog_blankThe season of ghoulish guests and ghostly delights is upon us. But if Halloween has snuck up on you, that’s no cause for a fright! Send the signal to potential trick-or-treaters that your home is stocked with treats galore with these easy and speedy last-minute decorations.

Skip Carving Your Pumpkin

No need to take out a carving knife and spread newspaper everywhere to catch the pumpkin’s seedy insides. These mess-free, quick pumpkin decoration ideas will let you charm and spook visitors.

o Paint your pumpkin – Use a single color around the whole pumpkin to make it pop, or treat the pumpkin like a canvas. Here’s how to paint a pumpkin.

o Chalk it up – Just give your pumpkin a quick spray with chalkboard paint, and then use chalk to decorate. You can write words, draw faces, or simply make accent lines and shapes.

o Tape your pumpkinMasking tape will do, but gorgeous washi tape is even better as a no-carve, short-on-time tactic to decorate a pumpkin.

o Draw on itWashable markers are a great way to quickly draw faces on pumpkins.

o Write a word – Instead of using a knife, spell out a word using thumbtacks.

Entryway and Door Décor

The front door and entryway to your home is a big indicator to neighborhood trick-or-treaters of how welcoming you’ll be to knocks and demands for candy. Just a simple, seasonal wreath can be one way to show your Halloween spirit. Here are a few options for low-fuss, high-impact home decorations.

o Hang a ghostly visitor – When it comes to decorating with ghosts, forget the sheets and reach for cheesecloth. The texture makes ghosts look supremely creepy. This project takes less than thirty minutes, and will send shivers of horror down visitors” spines.

o Wreath it up – Buy a seasonal wreath at the store, or make your own. Some of our favorites are a candy corn wreath, the eerie eyeball wreath, and this budget-friendly spider web wreath.

o Go Batty – This craft is easy to make – or buy. For the DIY version, just trace bats using a template onto felt and hang.


How will you be decorating for Halloween? Share your spooky décor tips on Twitter with #Halloween. Whether you’re already decked out, or glue-gunning at the midnight hour, don’t forget the easy power of lights to help set the scene – try Mood’s Halloween lights, which are on sale!



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